How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast over the weekend, with high winds and devastating flooding in its wake.  If you would like to help with relief efforts, here are some ways you can:

There is an immediate need for all types of blood donations. Visit and enter your zip code to find the blood donation site closest to you.

Here are some options to donate to disaster relief:

American Red Cross Relief:  Sets up and maintains shelters, mobilizes emergency relief vehicles (ERVs) that provide food, fresh drinking water, blankets and medical attention. 

Americares: Provides water, food, supplies to medical relief centers. 

Salvation Army: Provides food, water, and many items needed by families who have suffered the loss of their home, all of their belongings, keepsakes.

Samaritan’s PurseMobilizes staff and equipment and enlists thousands of volunteers to provide emergency aid.

After you make your gift to one of these charities, be sure to print the screen for your receipt.

Thank you for helping those impacted by this storm.

Mark Cole, Virginia House of Delegates, 88th District, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Fredericksburg, and Fauquier

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